Signs of ageing are a result of the skin’s functioning declining; a person’s collagen production can start to slow down from as early an age as twenty-one!

What makes DMK so effective is that it encourages the skin to function at its full capacity like it did when it was younger.
DMK treatments and products also focus on the surface to address the signs of ageing. As collagen slows down, the elastin fibres begin to breakdown over large areas of tissue as well and the skin loses its juicy bounce. Likewise, dead cells are building up on the surface as part of the skin natural defence mechanisms, an armour plate as it were, against the assaults of free radicals and sun damage. These cells accentuate signs of ageing, turning fine lines into wrinkles and making the skin appear crinkly and crepe-like.

There are two fundamental causes of signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. The first cause is determined by an individual’s genetic makeup, while the second cause is outside influences such as environmental damage, free radicals and poor diet. People for example who are sun worshippers in their younger years or are on yo-yo weight loss diets are especially prone to crepe-like or wrinkled, loose body skin. This is why starting to look after your skin from an early age can be so beneficial.

It is much easier to prevent skin conditions than to revise but it is never too late to start looking after your skin. Most skin care brands will only focus on the surface, temporarily plumping out the wrinkles and lines but not changing the reason they occurred in the first place, meaning they will just return. DMK however provides long-term results, by getting to the core of the problem and revising the decline that causes skin to age.

No matter what point a person is along the ageing journey, DMK endeavours to help clients' skin to look as youthful as they feel within.

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