Unique in its cause, Pigmentation is the result of the skin’s defensive mechanisms being wrongly triggered. It can often feel like there is no rhyme or reason for the appearance of pigmentation and this can be incredibly frustrating. With the help of one of DMK’s knowledgeable Skin Technicians, pigmentation can be revised, managed, and prevented.

More than just what determines the colour of your skin, the melanin cells that generate pigment are a defensive mechanism created by the body to protect the DNA strands within a cell from ultraviolet radiation (UVR). However, when the skin’s and body’s systems are dysfunctional any form of trauma can stimulate melanin production.

There are two forms of pigmentation, ‘passive’ and ‘inflammatory’.
Hormonal imbalances like those experienced during pregnancy or caused by medications are the main contributors to passive pigmentation. Stress and anxiety induced inflammation can also cause pigmentation to appear on the skin.
Post-inflamed Hyper-pigmentation (PIH) is what occurs when the skin experiences physical trauma such as a wound, acne, sun exposure or even constant friction. It may not become visible immediately in some cases. Years of sun exposure without any visible signs of damage can suddenly appear in the form of age spots, usually on the hands, arms, neck and face. This hidden pigmentation can form from as early as fifteen years of age.

Successful pigmentation revision requires a treatment program and consistent use of the DMK Home Prescriptive products. There is no magic bullet in the revision of pigmentation. Prevention is always easier than revision however as the melanosomes can be spread through all three layers of the skin being as deep as the hyperdermis. This can make it extremely difficult even with transdermal delivery systems and products and laser treatments to penetrate far enough to revise the pigmentation. Remodelling peels are the most effective way to revise pigmentation working to draw the melanosomes up, out and off the new skin forming underneath. It will require a holistic approach to skin revision treatments that will look at both hormone levels and the dysfunction within the skin.

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