Scars may seem like a permanent feature of your skin, telling stories of past adventures or traumas. With a comprehensive DMK treatment and Home Prescriptive regime, time, and dedication however, they can be revised.

There are many resurfacing treatments designed to remove the scar tissue and to stimulate collagen production like peels, needling, and laser. Like with all skin conditions though, if the causes of the scarring (dysfunctional skin cells and systems) are not addressed then the remodelling procedure will just produce the exact same unhealthy tissue. This is a waste of your time, money, and often pain. Scar revision is not just about inciting collagen production, the skin needs to function optimally for it to remodel successfully.

Not every scar is the same either and treatments need to be tailored to effectively work with the individual’s skin and to revise the scar tissue.

Stretch marks form of scar tissue where the skin has torn because it is brittle from lack of hydration. Mature stretch marks are lighter in colour and often flat with very few blood vessels within the tissue supplying oxygenated nutrient rich blood to feed the cells. Immature stretch marks are red, raised and sometimes itchy or painful as the healing process is still underway.

Raised scars such as rope-like Hypertrophic or Keloid scars that extend over normal tissue are formed when the skin’s defence mechanisms accelerate, quickly releasing new cells. In comparison Atrophic scars are the sunken and well-defined pitted scarring is usually caused by collagen destruction due to an inflammatory condition such as acne.

At DMK all scar revision programs begin and end with skin strengthen Enzyme Therapy treatments and nourishing Home Prescriptive products. EFA supplements and Enzyme Therapy treatments work to detoxify and strengthen the skin’s internal structures and functions. An example would be to start with a series of Enzyme Therapy treatments supported with a comprehensive homecare regime including essential fatty acid supplements to prep the skin. This is followed by a DMK peel which will reduce a large percentage of the scarred area. Then there will be more refining work to be performed after the peel, alternating between pH Revision treatments, Enzyme Therapy, and Prozyme treatments to control the remodelling process. Combining this with the amino acid rich Home Prescriptive products to feed the cells proteins, water and nutrients encourages the skin to regenerate better quality tissue.

DMK works to replace the damaged cells with stronger, firmer and healthier ones for smoother and more even skin that gives people the confidence to show who they really are.

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