Acne can often lead debilitating mental health problems like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and in some cases dysmorphia and even suicide. With 80% of people suffering from acne at some point in their lives’ this is a means of great concern for the overall health of our society. Affecting adults as well as teenagers it can take years for acne to clear up naturally as the bodies hormonal and immunity systems realign and strengthen. The chances of it returning are also very high if the cause of the acne is not addressed properly DMK works holistically to rebuild the skin from the inside out, working to revise the cause for long lasting results.

There is often more than one cause when it comes to acne meaning there is no quick, one method fixes. A chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicle and its sebaceous gland, acne closely reflects the state of the body’s hormonal and immunity systems. There are both genetic or external triggers such as, birth control pills, cosmetics, hormonal imbalances, medications, picking and squeezing pimples, friction and pressure on the skin, lifestyle and climate conditions.
Stress however is always an ingredient in the cocktail of acne causes. It sends myriad of signals around the body including messages to the skin to increase the production of hair and sebaceous oil. This accentuates the problem of dead cells blocking the follicle and trapping bacteria and oil in the pore. As a result, pustules, cysts, blackheads, and blocked pores form which can often leave scars when prevented from healing properly. It comes as no surprise then with the increase of stressors in our everyday lives, the number of acne cases has risen. Google searches for acne are also at the highest they have ever been in the past fifteen years.

In the beginning, following a treatment protocol that helps to manage the acne can start to relieve some of the stress. As stress recedes the progressive changes in the skin accelerates for the better. Some of the best treatments for acne rapidly change the pH of the skin to very low (acid) or to very high (alkaline). An acid formula will ‘harden’ the dead and dying skin very quickly and the brittle cells then ‘pop off.’ An alkaline solution will soften and dissolve the dead and dying skin as well as hair (this is very good for folliculitis conditions). It is vital to follow these treatments with a comprehensive at home regime to restore the skins natural pH levels.
DMK’s Home Prescriptive products are also like a modified version of the professional treatments and help to maintain and enhance the healthier new skin as well as protect it.

DMK’s sole purpose is to rebuild people’s self-confidence from the outside in by designing bespoke treatments and dedicated Home Prescriptive regimens in order to not only rebuild their skin, but most importantly - rebuild their lives.

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