First of all, congratulations! You are embarking on an incredible Wedding adventure and you get to do it all with your lobster by your side.

Before you even start planning you probably already have an image in your head of your ideal wedding. You may not know any of the specifics like venue, colour schemes or the dress but one thing that is certainly clear is that you are both glowing. Not just from your love for each other but your skin is literally glowing because you know DMK has your back. Whether it is a slow jaunt to the aisle or a speedy sprint DMK is going to get you wedding ready.

Where to start

Start by asking questions!

  • What are your main skin concerns?
  • How long do you have until the wedding?
  • What is your budget?

This is important information that your DMK Skin Technician needs to know in order to create the best skin plan for you. Sometimes your answers will not all align and time or budget may mean that you cannot revise all of your skin concerns. That is okay! Go into your consultation with an open mind about what is realistic, stick to your Home Prescriptive regime like glue once you have it and you will achieve the best results possible.

T-minus 12 months and counting

It’s the same as planning a holiday or training for a race, the more time you have the more options you have available and the better the results will be. With twelve months or more you can consider having more advanced treatments like DMK’s Remodelling Procedure or Pro-Alpha Six Layer peel. The peeling itself my take only ten days on average but it is the rebuilding of healthier younger skin over the coming months afterwards that makes the real difference with these treatments. If you are concerned about scarring, pigmentation, acne or signs of ageing DMK peels are the ideal option.

We’ve waited long enough, 6-3 months engagement

A bit hotter on the heel or only just discovering DMK, don’t fret there are weekly programs that are perfect for those who do not have as much time.

A is for ageing and A-Lift

Imagine how hard your muscles work during a Pilates class to get that smooth sculptured physique. A-Lift® contracts and holds the facial muscles in the same way, toning them to help create a firmer younger-looking complexion. Over twelve weeks this program is designed to tighten and lift the skin to revise signs of ageing with long-lasting maintainable results. It’s like a face lift without the surgery or down time!

Bodylicious Body Firming Program

Add a skin programme to your food and workout regime for the ultimate body makeover. Over twelve weeks this body transformation program is designed to help improve the appearance of the skin, while working to shape and sculpt those stubborn areas where exercise and diet are not making a difference. This body firming boot camp gets results!

Whatever you skin concern acne, scarring, pigmentation or healthier smoother skin, DMK tailors treatment programs to match your skin and your goals.

Did you forget to include your skin in your wedding planning until now?

Here are some quick and effective treatments to do in the two weeks leading up to your wedding.


If you feel like the cracks in your heels are more like canyons DMK’s MediPedi® goes beyond your average foot scrub working to dissolve hard dry callouses and rough skin. Now you can have the confidence to wear sexy strappy heels on your wedding day with the visible and tactile improvements that can be achieved in just one treatment.

Instant Life

Perfect to have the day before a wedding for both the bride and groom, and even the mother-in-laws to be, Instant Lift is designed to firm, tighten and brighten the skin for the ultimate wow factor.


Get the bouncy juicy skin without the injects with DMK’s Epifill treatment. The deeply hydrating effects from the treatment can be seen for several days. This is the premium treatment for before a special occasion.

pH Revision Hair Removal

Forget worrying about painful waxing and ingrown hairs or the patchy regrowth after stinging laser, DMK’s pH Revision Hair Removal gently dissolves the hair whilst also working to reduce hair re-growth with continued use. It can be done anywhere on the face or body and it is perfect it you have fine light coloured hair that laser doesn’t work on.

DMK Wedding Ready tips and tricks

  • Plan ahead: Book all your treatments in advanced so you never run the risk of the clinic being booked out.
  • Get you hubby involved: You will fall in love with DMK so quickly they may start to get jealous and doing it together is a great bonding experience. For those partners who are not so keen on skin care DMK with its quick visible results will no doubt persuade them.
  • Don’t get cold feet: Stick to your Home Prescriptive regime to make sure you get the best results possible
  • Take your beauty supplements: Amplify your results by working to revise the skin from the inside with the ultimate beauty supplements DMK’s EFA Ultra. Not only great for skin it is alsvo fantastic for your hair and nails.

No matter what stage you are at in your wedding planning, maybe you are not even engaged yet, book in for a consultation at your local clinic and get DMK wedding ready!