Anybody over 45 years of age can relate to what I call the Austrian Draperies or crepey, loose, ageing body skin.

Body skin, like facial skin, can lose elasticity over time. People who were sun worshipers in their younger years or have been on yo-yo weight loss diets are especially prone to crepey or wrinkled, loose body skin. However, unlike the facial skin, which is not in direct contact with the facial muscles, body skin does not possess the same underlying dermal infrastructure. Hence even religious body work outs and weight lifting, which may tone muscles, will not tighten up the loose skin.

Fibroblast cells in the skin slow down their collagen production.  Elastin fibres are broken over large areas of tissue. With minimal collagen being produced and mass amounts of elastin fibres irrevocably broken, the skin loses all turgidity and bounce. Likewise, dead cells build up on the surface as a defence mechanism, an armour plate as it were, against the assaults of free radical and sun damage. These cells appear as crinkly or like chicken skin and are especially obvious when the legs are crossed,or the skin is moved during certain body positions. It is during these positions when signs of ageing become most prominent on the skin and it looks the most crepe-like and geriatric.

I have known Hollywood stars of a certain age who actually carefully pose their bodies during love scenes to avoid a shot of a baggy, wrinkled elbow, a stomach that looks like a chenille bedspread or elephant skin knees.  This type of posturing is almost impossible to maintain in private life.


Cureis a funny word in as much as it suggests a permanent result of change from a traumatic and distressing disorder of the skin and body. Nothing is ever permanently cured particularly signs of ageing, but bad looking body skin conditions canbe revised and the results maintained.

The first step would be to remove the redundant cuticle build-up. Those shiny, wrinkly looking dead cells normally located on the front of the thighs, calves, backs of arms, hands and decollate. Alpha Hydroxy Acid serums can be used in treatment to some degree, but then there is the irritation factor over a period of time and the risk of acid hardened skin or skin that becomes over-thin and more susceptible to sun damage.  There is also a DMK pH Revision Treatment that removes a lot of surface tissue, along with body hair, in just minutes!

I have used low lever acids and retinoids in professional treatment on a temporary basis for legs that were blotchy with small, milia-like bumps or various other dermatitis, but I have found that the best cuticle removal system for lose body skin is enzyme therapy.

A DMK Body Enzyme Therapy will not only remove cuticle build-up on the skin via reverse osmosis but actually tightens and tones up sagging body skin that may last for twenty-four hours the first treatment. Subsequent treatments have longer lasting and maintainable results, but the main action in this treatment is brought about through a process I refer to as a Plasmatic Effect™.

I have worked on older people who had cold, white flesh on their legs and have noticed that after a Body Enzyme treatment their legs had more feeling, were rosy in colour and much firmer in tone.If you noticed I emphasised oxygen from inside the body. This is to remind all of you that skin does not breathe for us as it operates with an anaerobic metabolism, not aerobic. Spraying oxygen on the outside of the skin or applying so-called oxygen crèmes (crèmes made with peroxide) on the skin will not increase the oxygen in the capillary loops and will in fact, damage the skin cells.


The Body Enzyme treatments just described are only one half of the picture however. The best topical treatment in the world is only partially effective if the client’s intercellular matrix has thinned out with time, sun damage and stress, a very normal ageing process. This matrix is what all the cells float in a jellylike substance made of hyaluronic acids with its salts, other glycosaminoglycans and kept hydrated by the chondroitins (such as citric acid).

We are actually describing a gel which is cleverly put together by nature using salts, sugars and fats! All protein structures involving the skin are held in place by this gel. If it becomes too thin dermal hydration is lost and the turgidity and bounce to the skin dissipates. The only way to strengthen this matrix and thicken it up again is to take essential fatty acids – and we suggest DMK EFA Ultra.  There are various types of EFA’s on the market that range from fish sources, flax seed oils to borage oil and oils too exotic in to nature and too expensive to be of practical, daily use. All of these oils offer some Omega 3 and Omega 6, but none can be compared to the incredible oil extracted from a humble plant (a weed, really) the Evening Primrose.

Not only does 100% pure Evening Primrose Oil help to increase the essential fatty acids in the skin, thus thickening thin and crepey skin back to its youthful bounce, but it helps to regulate hormonal problems, reverse and inhibit sun damage, clear up chronic eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis and even aids in clearing acne. It is always important to keep in mind the best results are achieved for revising signs of ageing and all other skin condition when they is addressed both inside and out.

The aforementioned treatments are not permanent and must be professionally administered in a medical spa or skin revision clinic, and followed up with a home maintenance program in order to maintain and improve results.