Just like snakes our skin peels, just not in one long piece (that would be slightly creepy) but continuously, cell by cell until we have completely new skin.

Living in Australia or New Zealand many people have memories of coming across a delicate snake skin either in class at school, on a bush walk or even in peoples’ own backyards. Grotesquely beautiful, the lace like skin always piques peoples’ interest bring up questions like, why do snakes shed their skin? How often do they do it? True this magazine may not seem like type to talk about reptiles but there are surprising similarities between snakes shedding their skin and how DMK peels works.

Why is healthy cell turnover important?

Snakes’ skin does not grow with their bodies so they need to shed it as they get bigger every couple of months. In the same way, peoples’ skin is continuously turning over taking about fifteen days to renew completely. This cell renewal is only surface deep however, and the new skin cells are only as good as the healthy functioning of the skin beneath. Just as the skin is incredibly robust, it has an equally strong memory that is not at all forgiving. This is why scarring and pigmentation can be difficult to revise without resurfacing procedures like DMK’s Remodelling Procedure (RP) and Pro-Alpha Six Layer (Pro-Alpha) peels. Unlike a snake where the skin slides off in one go human skin cannot be peeled away neatly layer by layer as many people assume. Instead, a microscopic view of the skin would look more like a series of hills and valleys with old and new cells constantly turning over. How rapidly and cleanly your skin lifts away is dependent on the type of skin you have, your age, health, and the surrounding environment.



Sluggish Shedding

Skin that feels rough or flaky has a slightly more sluggish cell turnover. This means that the dead cell material on the surface of your skin is cemented on and not lifting away properly. Transepidermal water loss and the resulting dehydration is the main cause of this dysfunction. Thickened and slow sebum flow and ageing can be other factors exasperating this condition.

Speedy Shedding

Most common in people who suffer from acne, rapid cell turnover is often linked to high levels of the androgen hormone and cortisol. Increased sebum secretion often accompanies this skin condition as well.

How is a snake shedding its skin like a DMK peel?

Dead cells effected by environmental damage, ageing and a poor diet are removed, and people and snakes alike are able to start afresh with revised healthier skin. Additionally, for snakes any parasites or bad bacteria that was sitting on the old skin are shed with it. This can be compared to the hidden blockages within people’s skin that are pushed up and out by DMK peels making them an ideal treatment for getting on top of congestion and acne.

Peeling process

DMK Advanced RP or

Pro-Alpha Peel

Snake shedding its skin
Day 1-3 DMK’s peel solution is applied over the first two days and the skin will start to feel tight and look red like sunburn. Over the coming days the skin will begin to darken in certain areas as pigmentation is drawn up to the surface of the skin getting ready to peel away. A snake will appear slightly darker and duller in colour and their bellies may turn a shade of pink.
Days 4-8 This is when most of the peeling will occur, often starting around the mouth where there is the most facial movement. It is not unusual for areas of skin the skin to peel several times over the process of the treatment as more layers lift away.

Alpha hydroxy (AHA) or beta hydroxy (BHA) acids in DMK skin peel formulations work to pull the skin’s water levels up blowing the dead cell material in the epidermis up like big water balloons until they burst apart and shed from the skin revealing a clearer smoother more youthful complexion.

During this time clients will have their first Enzyme Lift Off treatment to remove the old skin that is peeling away.

Interestingly at this point a snake’s eyes will go cloudy or blue in colour. This is due to the secretion of milky fluid between the layer of new and old skin to help separate them.
Days 8-10 Parts of the skin may still be peeling, and the new skin will appear slightly pink, and lighter in colour, and will feel very smooth. The eye’s and skin begin to return to their normal colour, though some species may remain darker in complexion.

Days 9-14

All the dead old skin cells should have lifted away and the new skin looking young and healthy. This will be followed with the second and last Enzyme Lift Off to strengthen and encourage optimal functioning within the skin. Now the new skin is ready the snake will rub against rough surfaces to create a tear. Over the next 30mins to an hour the snake will wiggle its way out of the old skin revealing the strong new skin beneath.



 Different skins require different peels.

RP is a peeling system based on our REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECTand MAINTAINphilosophy. It revises the architecture of the skin, addressing the underlying condition, with an aim to return these areas to a strong, healthy and youthful condition. It works to preserve healthy and attractive skin on the body and face. On the other hand, DMK’s Pro Alpha peel is an intensive skin resurfacing procedure that offers deep revision of wrinkles, ageing, loose sagging skin, thickened leathery looking skin, hyper-pigmentation, sun-damaged premature ageing and scarring.

It’s always advised to speak with your DMK Professional Skin Technician before deciding on which peel is best for you and now is the best time of year to do it!