Finishing your work day, the last thing you expect is to be rushed to the hospital with second degree burns and the possibility of life altering scarring.

Wet season has ended so it is back to work like normal for farmer Scott. After the monsoon rains everything is waterlogged, making each task that much more difficult. Scott is working long hours, seven days a week on his farm in remote North Queensland, his fiancé only sees him when he comes home late in the evening, exhausted from a hard day of laboring. On this particular day Scott went to his block of land where the couple are planning to build their new house after finishing up on the farm. It had recently been cleared and there was a pile of trees that needed to be burned.

‘The wood was still a little damp, so it had trouble burning. I added an accelerant to ensure it would catch alight, I was, however, unaware that it contained a higher percentage of petrol than I anticipated. As I lit the fire it ignited at a rapid pace, severely burning my arm and face.’

Scott was rushed to hospital and put under a cold shower for twenty minutes to wash away the residual chemicals from the accelerant and given strong pain medication. There was no source of water on or nearby his property to do this quickly after the initial burns, making the seriousness of his condition all the more alarming.

‘I think I was in shock and the pain medication made me quite groggy for the first couple of days. On the third day my face swelled up and was still weeping from where the skin was severely burnt. It was red and raw in some patches and very brown and crispy in others. My lips were extremely sore, and I could see that I had lost quite a lot of my hair, and my eyebrows were completely gone.’

‘I then realised the severity of what had happened and was afraid of the outcome.’

Suffering from secondary degree burns, both the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) and the layer beneath (the dermis) of Scott’s skin was damaged. Thankfully he did not require skin grafts, but the skin’s protective barrier had been impaired to say the least and the threat of bacteria and other foreign invades causing an infection was real. Not just within the skin but there was the potential for infection to take hold and spread through the body and into the organs, like into the lungs (pneumonia) or into the bloodstream (sepsis). It does not help that burns can also weaken a person’s immune system, making it more difficult for their body to fight off any infection that they may contract. These infections are potentially fatal.

Doctors at the hospital prescribed Scott several antibiotic and antibacterial crèmes to help prevent infection along with pain medication to use over the next few weeks. The burns on his face were not as severe as the ones on his arm and didn’t require any dressing. His arm, however needed to be cleaned, the excess dead skin cut away, and his crèmes applied before being redressed daily by the nurses at the hospital over the next seven days. Encouraging the skin to heal quickly was of the upmost importance because the longer the wound remained the more likely scarring tissue would form. It was a strenuous and emotional time for Scott and his family.

’To look in the mirror, I did not recognise myself, my two-year-old twins were frightened of the way I looked and did not want to come close to me. I did not want any visitors during this time and I was afraid I would be left with severe scarring.’

Beta Gel our HERO!

‘My fiancé has worked with DMK for over fifteen years and swears by it. She was confident that DMK Beta Gel would help with the healing of my burns. Two days after the accident I was able to start using the DMK serum on my face and a couples of days later to my arm as well, before applying the antibiotic crèmes over the top. My skin was so sensitive that everything, even water would sting but I persisted and allowed her to apply the products three times a day. I am so thankful that I did! Over the next week my skin continued to heal, the stinging reduced and on day seven she applied the DMK Enzyme Masque, which was extremely tight and an experience in itself.’

From burns to acne to rosacea, Beta Gel is an incredibly powerful and versatile serum that can be used for every skin condition and that is why it is DMK’s hero product. Beta Gel is designed with the purpose of accelerating the healing process in traumatised skin, which also helps to prevent scarring. Beta Gel works so well because the formulation’s main active ingredient is beta glucan, which has the ability to stimulate the immune system within the skin. Studies have demonstrated that beta-glucan is excellent for encouraging and accelerating the healing of wounds where the process has stalled_. Working to control and regulate the production of new skin cells and enhance collagen and elastin production Beta Gel assists to rebuild stronger tissue and prevent the formation of scarring. Not only that it helps to reduce inflammation that can cause chronic non-healing wounds. Formulated with other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as witch hazel and vitamins A, C, D, E, and K along with beta glucan, Beta Gel protects the skin cells from further damage caused by free radicals.

It is one of DMK’s most powerful immune boosting serums and is ideal for a variety of traumatised skins and skin conditions such as:


‘The result has been truly amazing! Even the doctors and nurses commented how great my skin was healing with no visible scarring. Thank you DMK!’ – Scott

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