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Designed to heat up and soften hardened sebum plugs through a pseudo heat, Acu-Therm helps to break down pimples.

* All DMK products can only be prescribed by a DMK Skin Revision Technician

A petrolatum-free topical gel Acu-Therm is designed to be used as a spot blemish treatment. It creates a pseudo heat to the applied areas and works to breakdown hardened sebum plugs and is a great product for people with blind pimples and congested acne. As it breaks down plugs it allows the bacteria and fluid trapped within the pores to be flushed out both naturally through healthy skin functions and through cleansers and exfoliants. Acu-Therm has been designed with antibacterial and soothing ingredients in order to reduce the visible and uncomfortable swelling caused by congested acne and blind pimples. 

How to Apply:

Apply directly onto pimples, pustules and blackheads and leave for 1-5 minutes before wiping away the access.

Available Size:

Available in 5ml.

Therapist’s Tips:

Dab a small amount onto the lips for an instant, temporary plumper.

Key Ingredients:

  • Dong Quail (Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis Extract)

Review by Nancy

Best spot treatment everrr, I pop it on in the evening before bed whenever I have a spot come up and when I get up in the morning you wouldn't even know there was anything there!

Review by Kiara

Acu-Therm is great for big blind pimples that dont have a head but are sore under the skins surface. Its hot when applied but I love feeling like its doing something! Blind pimples usually disappear quite quickly!

Review by Carmen McNamara

When its that time of the month and a nasty pimple rears its head! this is my go to! Its amazing!!!

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